Frequently Asked Questions

You need our services to know your business' credit profile and get an idea of how banks will very likely rate you as a potential borrower. If you had a previous loan application rejected, chances are you weren't told why it was rejected. The reality is you don't get to see credit reports about your own business. But we're turning this practice on its head and offering you the opportunity to gain valuable information at a fraction of what it would cost you. Why? Because we believe that you need to know what you look like now so that you can work at being better, improve your creditworthiness, your access to financing, and grow your business.

We realize that the most intimidating part of financial analysis can be interpreting the details of the report. To make it easy for consumers, we make it a point to lay out our interpretations and recommendations in summarized, easily followed terms. We cut through the confusion and present the most important take-aways; actionable information generated by our model, reviewed by our dedicated team of analysts and built on the credit assessment standards of Philippine banks.

Our aim is to balance the information we request of our SME clients with the detail and actionability of our recommendations. The services we provide are more than your average credit checking arrangement – we provide feedback based on both the financial and qualitative aspects of your company. It's like a speedy financial consultancy and accounting engagement. With us, you get twice the value at a third of the usual cost.

Being made aware of your business' strengths and weaknesses, how you benchmark against the industry you're in, and recommendations to improve your credit worthiness are priceless.

Take assurance in knowing that data security is a clear top priority. What you provide is vital to both your business and ours. So our data warehouse is outfitted with the latest in security solutions and our user agreement specifies the highest insurance for any client data provided.

In addition, Republic Act No. 10173 also known as the "Data Privacy Act of 2012" protects individual personal information in information and communications systems in the government and the private sector.

Your information is safe with us.

Not necessarily. Even a very high rating may not ensure a successful credit application in certain circumstances, e.g. borrowing level either in a particular industry or in a particular company is already considered challenging by the lender. Note that each bank has its own risk asset acceptance criteria.

The CreditBPO Rating Report, if requested, will be added to several other elements of information and validation used by lenders to make a credit decision. What CreditBPO does provide with every report is a concrete boost to internal business awareness and control.

Extremely important. The CreditBPO Rating Report was meant to empower SMEs through knowledge of their own credit profile. It is used as a starting point toward greater strategic management for improving and growing their business.

Lenders normally do their own validation of SME-supplied information. Our algorithm highlights and penalizes any inconsistency it detects in the SME-supplied information. Thus replying with accurate information is vital.