How We Can Help

CreditBPO is in the business of taking care of the basics through affordable financial technology so you can take on more challenges and grow your organization.

Banking Partners

You’re a forward-looking bank and see that SMEs are becoming an ever more valuable market. Jumpstart your SME lending to stimulate growth in both your portfolio and your clients.
Don't get left behind. See what we can offer you.

Corporate Partners

You need to continually ensure that existing and prospective vendors and customers are reliable partners. See how we can make it easy for you.

Accounting Partners

You know your customers very well and can see that more than a few can expand if only they had a way forward. So you want to take your diverse customer base and offer them all a chance at thorough, organized growth toward investment-level creditworthiness. See how we can help.

Broker Partners

You regularly work with business owners and CFOs to help them gain access to credit.

Public Service Agencies

Your unit needs something that can both organize your portfolio of SMEs and perform analytics while at the same time remaining easily accessible. Learn what we can offer in terms of management support, portfolio sanitation, capacity building, and enhancing your project bidding processes.

International Partners

The information you get from across your company is clear – SMEs are a very large part of the national economy and have the potential for explosive growth. Now if only there was a way to marginalize the risk elements while boosting the possibility for growth.
See how we can collaborate.